Our Cancellation Policy

General Considerations

Food orders are non-refundable on the day of the trip. If your trip is cancelled the day of the trip for any reason, you will be able to pick up your food at Somerset. Once the boat leaves the dock you are responsible for the full amount of your charter; regardless of weather, seasickness, actual time, etc. Boats do not typically head back out once making a return trip to the dock, but if the Captain agrees to do so there will be a $200 fuel charge in addition to the regular charter rate.


By far the most questions we receive are concerning the weather. In short, we will reschedule, but not refund the amount due for the trip inside 48 hours. If you personally don’t like the weather for your trip window and you wish to reschedule, we can work with you. But the Captain reserves the full right to change the date of the trip, and will not proceed into conditions that will be uncomfortable or dangerous. We are trying to create a memorable experience for you and your party, but not the kind that would be described as “infamous.” And after all, as the saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather in Florida, wait a minute.”

+ Weather cancellations are the Captain’s decision only and are made on the day of the trip
+ Weather forecasts will not determine the execution of the trip

Refunds & Fees

+ Outside of 10 Days – Full Refund
+ Inside of 10 Days to 48 Hours – 50% Charge
+ Within 48 Hours or No Shows – 100% Charge

If there are any further questions please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to making your experience memorable and spectacular!